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WebsterRogers Financial Advisors is headquartered in Florence, SC, but we are proud to serve clients across the country. The states shaded in blue represent the locations of our current client base.  

Who We Serve


Whether you are just starting out, rising through the ranks, or starting to plan your retirement, we help professionals as they navigate their careers.

Business Owners

Building and managing a business takes resourcefulness, dedication, and grit. At WebsterRogers Financial Advisors we apply those same principle to work with our clients. We are resourceful and proactive in helping you manage the wealth you have created.


Successful retirement is more about being able to meaningfully enjoy the rest of your life than it is about accumulating a certain sum of money. Let us work with you to structure a tax efficient way of providing a comfortable income that allows you to focus your time on what matters most to you. We will help you evaluate, organize, and prepare for the next phase of your journey.


Selecting and implementing a competitive retirement plan that fits your goals is a vital key to your business’s success. Having a competitive benefits package is an advantage when it comes to retaining your best employees. We can assist you in evaluating your options and overcoming obstacles. See our Employer Retirement Services page under “Our Services” for more details.

Corporate Executives

As an executive, you face financial planning challenges others might not face. Your financial position is often closely tied to the culture of your company. Separating your personal financial future from that of your employer can be a delicate balance. Corporate incentive programs, such as bonuses, qualified and non-qualified retirement programs, stock options, stock grants, and incentive compensation, may create significant wealth. We have the technical expertise and experience to help you navigate the nuances and develop strategies to maximize your probability of success.