Retirement Plan Services

As a retirement plan sponsor, deciding on a retirement plan for employees can be a complex and demanding process. However, it also offers your employees an easier path towards saving for retirement, an option for which many are grateful.

Partnering with WRFA to create a retirement plan for your employees can help reduce the headaches that come with making such a decision. We strive to provide a cost-effective, well-planned approach that will entice employees to participate.

The three items below make all the difference:

Our investment management removes any commission-based conflicts of interest.

You won’t have to worry about us providing advice with our own commission in mind-- we provide full reporting and transparency so you’ll be aware of and understand any incurred charges/fees. We view our clients as partners, so rest assured our advice will always have your best interest in mind.

We believe in-- and provide-- a high-level of employee education to plan participants.

A greater level of employee understanding results in a higher level of plan participation, which helps you meet your fiduciary responsibilities. We provide your employees with information and can help answer any questions to help them along the way.

Our retirement platforms are flexible and easy to use.

We recommend your retirement plan offer employees many options while adhering to a strict and intelligent investment philosophy. A flexible retirement plan will allow employees to comfortably manage their risk while expanding their investment horizons.