What Sets Us Apart

Simply put, we believe that traditional approaches to investing are falling by the wayside. We believe in market efficiency and that current market prices reflect the total collective knowledge and expectations of all investors.

We believe that every piece of news is random and that price changes occur as results of unforeseen events. This allows us to factor breaking news and emotions out of the investment process and leads to more level-headed and rational investment.

It is our departure from traditional approaches that sets us apart:




  • Speculating

  • Prediction

  • Individual stocks, sectors and managers

  • Market-timing

  • Breaking news

  • Emotion

  • Commission-based brokers

  • Investing

  • Planning

  • Asset classes

  • Buy, hold, and rebalance

  • Efficient markets

  • Science

  • Fee-only, fiduciary advisors


We subscribe to the theory that passive investment strategies outweigh active management strategies. Active managers cannot consistently add value through market timing and security selection; our passive management strategies are based on academic research proven to provide capital market returns.

Utilizing Dimensional Fund Advisors provides you with an advantage by minimizing transaction costs and enhancing returns through fund engineering in conjunction with deliberate and appropriate trading strategies.

Benefits of passive investing over active investing include:

  • Lower portfolio turnover
  • Lower operating expenses
  • Greater control of asset allocation
  • Greater tax efficiency
  • Lower transaction costs
  • Broad diversification and risk reduction within asset classes.

Learn more about our investment philosophy and the difference it makes for you.