How We Work With You

Managing the events over which you have control is the key to a successful long-term wealth management program. We help keep you focused on the long-term goal while removing decisions based on emotion created as a result of listening to the financial media.

Here’s how we help you implement your unique wealth management program:

  • We develop and sign your Investment Policy Statement (IPS) together. Your IPS is your personalized roadmap to successful wealth management. The IPS ensures rational and informed decision making based on your long-term goals.
  • We utilize different asset classes to create portfolio diversification while allowing you to successfully manage risk factors based on your comfort level.
  • We implement a multi-level tax management strategy when managing your portfolio. Tax management can drastically affect portfolio performance-- we utilize tax-managed mutual funds for taxable accounts in addition to using proper asset location and year-round tax-harvesting in your portfolio.
  • We meet and communicate on a regular basis to update your plan based on life changes and your evolving goals. We believe that rebalancing portfolios is a necessary action to help manage risk.

While we adhere to a methodology (Modern Portfolio Theory) and utilize asset class funds for our clients, your plan will be yours and yours alone. We take the time to understand your goals and wishes and strive to create a plan based on them.