WebsterRogers LLP is a leading Certified Public Accounting Firm in mid and eastern South Carolina. The partners and over 100 employees specialize in working with business owners, medical practices and individuals with regard to their tax planning, retirement plan design and estate planning. WRFA is owned by the partners of WR. This relationship brings a breadth and wealth of knowledge and experience regarding tax and estate planning to our wealth management team, allowing us to provide a more comprehensive solution for you.


Dimensional Fund Advisors, Inc. (DFA), founded in 1981, has an objective to deliver the performance of capital markets and increase returns through state-of-the-art portfolio design and trading in a low-cost, tax-efficient manner. Their values are guided by decades of research and based on the science of capital markets. Dimensional's funds are not generally available directly to individuals. However, they work exclusively with advisors who share the same beliefs that rigorous definition of asset class characteristics, broad diversification and low costs are the key ingredients to long-term investment solutions.


We recommend Schwab Institutional as your the third party custodian. (As a registered investment advisor, we cannot nor would we want to take possession of your assets.) Schwab reports all transactions and holdings to you on a monthly statement. You will need a schwaballiance.com Login ID and Password to enroll and view you account online. If you don't have an active Schwab Alliance account:

  • Contact the Schwab Alliance Service Team at 800.515.2157 to get your login ID and temporary password. Or, to do it yourself, go to www.schwab.com/sa_webactive. Please have a recent copy of your statement handy.(You also have the option of using Fidelity and TD Ameritrade as custodians.)

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We have aligned ourselves with a collection of retirement plan platforms to assist in delivering high quality service and low-cost retirement plan management, guided by our prudent investment philosophy. We work with these groups because they are experienced recordkeepers and leaders in retirement plan administration.

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AEGON provides us with the ability to offer a passively managed solution to you if you have existing annuities. Even though we do not typically recommend investing in annuities as a cost-effective investment vehicle, this relationship enables access to Dimensional Fund Advisor's funds within a no-load, relatively low-cost variable annuity. This allows us to manage your annuity assets under the same investment plan and with the same philosophy as the rest of your portfolio.

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Ascendant Compliance Management serves as our third party compliance consultant. The regulatory environment is constantly evolving within the investment advisory world; therefore, Ascendant assists us in our efforts to stay on the leading edge of compliance issues. We recognize that an exceptional compliance program is an essential aspect to fulfilling our fiduciary responsibility; therefore, having Ascendant on our team allows us to focus more of our time on your needs and better fulfill our obligation.

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